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          A Brief Introduction to
          South China University of Technology Press

          Founded in February 1985, the Publishing House of South China University of China is one of the key university publishing houses under the supervision of the National Education Department.

          Since the foundation, it has had more than 7000 publications. Among them, there are more than 4000 new editions, with a reimpression rate as high as 70%.

          The publication varieties include natural science, social science, engineering, administration, liberal arts, linguistics and the science of art.

          We have certain advantages and standards in the publications of the textbooks on science & technology and other academic works. Some of the popular science readings and cultural/educational readings enjoy great popularity.

          The publishing house has more than 500 publications, which have won the national, central southern or Guangdong Provincial prizes. Among them, several dozens have been sold overseas or achieved copyright transfer. Therefore we have gained both social and economic benefits.